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Canal Art - a poignant reminder of a bygone era

Not too long ago the inland waterways of Britain were teeming with traditionally painted working boats most of which were decorated in a very distinctive form of canal art called 'Roses and Castles'.  Sadly, this has now become quite a rare art form and most of these old boats have long since disappeared.  

Nowadays, there is not a more captivating and colourful sight than that of the narrowboats of today, moored stern to stern, at a waterways rally.  Their shining paintwork and gleaming brassware take you back, making you feel a part of those bygone times.

Now you can help keep the past alive by bringing the brilliant colours and traditional designs of 'Roses and Castles' into your home or boat, with our unique range of giftware.

Our products will bring happiness and a smile to the face of anyone who receive them.  If, at the same, they give even a glimpse into a precious part of British Heritage, then they have been given to the right person.

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