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News from 3rd to 14th July

3-9 July 1999

The final week before the arrival of the young Ospreys from Scotland and the final preparations are made. Roy Dennis reports a successful breeding season so far ,with a good proportion of nests having healthy broods of three chicks. It is likely that nine chicks will be ready for collection at the weekend.

At Rutland Water lists of all sorts are drawn up, nests built inside the release pens and a new closed-circuit TV system installed. The fish-room is cleaned and fish supplies organised.

Most of the artificial nests and perches have been in place for a long time but the feeding platforms and perches in front of the release pens needed erecting. At the last minute, a platoon of soldiers arrived unexpectedly to help - too good an offer to refuse!

The project team collected an Anglian Water Land Rover which is on loan for the duration of the project.

10 July 1999

At 7.00 am, Helen Dixon and Tricia Galpin headed north in the Land Rover to collect the chicks. 12 hours later they arrived at Roy Dennis' house near Loch Garten, to find that he had already collected six young birds and three more will join them in his aviaries during the evening.

The Osprey website went live today.

12 July 1999

At 4:15 am, Helen and Tricia arrived back at Rutland Water with nine young birds. The Ospreys were immediately installed in the release pens and fresh pieces of fish provided for them. The closed-circuit TV cameras were turned on and the first pair of volunteers began monitoring at 6:00am. Click here for an explanation of this phase of the project.

Roy Dennis thinks that, judging by their size, there are six females and three males. He hopes that another three males will be ready for translocation in a week's time.

This year black colour rings with white numerals are being used.

13 July 1999

The nine birds have been feeding very well today - far better than birds brought to Rutland Water in previous years.

Below are some pictures taken in Scotland as the birds were being ringed and weighed.

............ ..............

Click to see two new Questions from you and answers from members of the Project Team

14 July 1999

These pictures were taken by David Coles as the Ospreys arrived at Rutland Water, early on 12 July.

The Land Rover arrives at the release pens...

and the boxes containing the birds are unpacked.

Bird no 08, one of the smallest, is transferred to its pen.

Closed-circuit TV is used to check on the birds' progress.

An addition to the web-site: Pictures of the project team.

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