The progress of the project during 1999:

3-14 July

Collection and arrival of nine Ospreys

15-28 July 

Vet's visit; 3 more young arrive; pre-release

29 July - 3 August

The birds are released; first flights

4-13 August

Two sub-adults return; more releases

14-22 August

Build up to the Bird Fair

23-26 August

After the Bird Fair the migration begins

27 August -2 Sept

Exciting satellite data and sad news

3 - 8 Sept

Ospreys on the move - at home and abroad

9 -17 Sept

R04 flies through Africa, others stay put

18-25 Sept

The last birds leave, and R04 arrives

26 Sept -2 Oct

R05 suddenly goes south

3 - 7 Oct

Ospreys everywhere and R05 crosses the desert

8 - 19 Oct

Males on the move, females already arrived

20-26 Oct

R03 crosses the Sahara

27 Oct - 3 Nov

Looking back at migration routes

5 -17 Nov

The future of the project and S06 in Spain

21 Nov -12 Dec

Small movements in wintering grounds

12 Dec -1 Jan 2000

The end of 1999

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The project is a partnership between Anglian Water and the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust,
with funding from Augean Plc through the Landfill Tax Credit Scheme.
The project is based at Rutland Water Nature Reserve.